1) Mail a headshot kit to each participant.  This kit includes three items to ensure your team can create their own "home studio." 
2) Assemble breakout sessions during your virtual meeting of 4-5 participants at a time.  Each breakout should last 30 minutes.
3) Your team will be guided through a headshot team building experience where they create their own home studio, photograph themselves, and then upload photos for retouching. 
4) See your team look their best! 

Four easy Steps:

We understand that COVID-19 may have derailed your vision for your team's headshots which can be disheartening. With many of us re-evaluating our priorities right now, you or your client may be conducting online conferences and meetings instead of conducting business within your office. 

We believe that teams of people are what truly make a business work.  When trying to establish a high-end brand showcasing your team and their personality is SO important!  Ensuring everyone looks their best and that your teams images are consistent across the board is what it's all about.  

We've created a new way of conducting headshots via online platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts.  By organizing a small group of people in a breakout, we can create a headshot experience done at home, that is fun, engaging, and also produces terrific results. 

HEadshots conducted in breakout sessions during your online conference


Send Us a note to see if your date is available